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Frustrating Booking System.
The LAparks site is slow and clunky, making it hard to see availability.
Finding an open court and coordinating with partners takes a lot of time.
Difficulty in Finding Players.
Difficulty Finding Players. It's tough to find a tennis partner who matches your skill level and availability.

There's an easier way

Easy tennis court booking and partner matching

Stop struggling with outdated systems. With PlayTennisLA, booking courts and finding partners is quick and easy.

Real-time Availability
Check near real-time availability of all bookable tennis courts near you.
Find Partners Easily
List your court booking to find hitting partners based on skill and availability.
User-friendly Interface
A seamless, intuitive interface for booking and connecting with other players. Start playing today!

Hey, it's Nathan, Ivan and Bart 👋

We love playing tennis but found booking courts and finding partners in LA frustrating. So, we built PlayTennisLA.

Our platform makes it easy to find available courts and match with partners quickly.

Join our community of tennis enthusiasts and enjoy hassle-free court bookings and matches.

See you on the courts!

PlayTennisLA made court and partner finding a breeze. At first, booking a court before snagging a partner felt quirky, but it totally works! This approach guarantees you'll meet players when and where it suits you best. Before, locking down a court was a game of speed—always booked by the time we'd agree. Now, those headaches are history!

Preston Tennis
Plays 5 times a week at Vermont Tennis Courts

Simple pricing

87.5% offuntil at least the end of June.


PlayTennisLA offers a seamless service that helps you find available courts and tennis partners quickly. Listing a match or practice session is free, and it temporarily costs only $1 to join someone for play or practice. This is a pay-per-play service. The small fee ensures commitment and a quality match.

What’s included

  • Unlimited court listings
  • Find partners easily
  • Real-time court availability
  • User-friendly interface


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Listing matches is free.

Frequently asked questions

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What is PlayTennisLA?
PlayTennisLA is a platform that helps you find available tennis courts in LA and connect with other players based on skill level, proximity, and availability.
How does PlayTennisLA work?
PlayTennisLA checks the availability of LAparks tennis courts in near real-time, allowing you to book courts and list your bookings to find partners easily.
Do I need to log in to see court availability?
No, you can check court availability without logging in, making the process quick and hassle-free.
Can I find tennis partners on PlayTennisLA?
Yes, you can list your court reservation detailsa and find partners based on skill level and availability.
Is there a limit to the number of court listings I can create?
No, you can create unlimited court listings, making it easy to find the best times and partners for your games.
How much does PlayTennisLA cost?
Creating a listing on PlayTennisLA is free. It costs just $1 to join an existing listing. This is a temporary promotional rate.
What if I encounter an issue or have feedback?
Your feedback is always welcome and we're here to help with any issues. Please email us if you encounter any issues or have a suggestion. You can find our email at the bottom of this page.

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